The Soorleys


Aeroplane fuel doesn't melt stainless steel

On our various trips and tours around the place, we've begun to realise that our bass player Nick has vast amounts of wisdom on things that you wouldn't think need much wisdom at all. i.e conspiracy theories on George W. Bush or fun facts about red belly black snakes. So I thought it appropriate to compile said wisdom into some quotes, completely out of context. But I promise, they don't make much sense in context either.

"I don't feel the need to lose any weight"
"Aeroplane fuel doesn't melt stainless steel, Simon"
"When George W Bush is shape-shifting on top of you, you'll think of me"
"I love that cream"
"I could do an escort"
"Who could resist the boobs?"
"All these bitches I take out."
"I want one of those Apple Watches. I like the wristband"
"Red belly black snakes won't kill you, but they will shut your body down for a very long time."
"If you guys are going to King's Cross, let me know. I gotta take some photos down there."
"I'm probably gonna wear my matching Adidas tracksuit."

Just to name a few.
These stellar moments of profound and peculiar sentiments truly do make for interesting conversation, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

On a side note, here are some other direct quotes from band members:
"Males are the original breastfeeders" - Sam
"It's better to let the stench live" - Beth
"Beyonce's hogging up my feed" - Shell
"I couldn't move! All I could do was shimmy." - Lor
"Someone's blowing on my neck!" - Chris