The Soorleys


Did you take your puffer today?

Alright, so, I've got a relatively mild case of asthma. It's hardly ever an issue unless I'm about to go to bed or I've just run up a flight of stairs (which could very well mean that I'm just really unfit, but we'll go with the asthma). It's like this vicious cycle - the more that I cough, the more that I think about how I need to stop coughing and then all I can think about is the fact that I really need to cough. It gets particularly bad when I know I'll be sharing a room with someone else because then I get an asthma cough AND a nervous cough. So really, there's just a whole lot of coughing on my part and a whole lot of grumpiness for everyone else.

The thing is, I've tried all sorts of different tricks. I've tried taking a puffer four times a day, drinking boiling water with honey, trying all sorts of throat lozenges and cough suppressants but this wretched cough just won't seem to leave me and, for the sake of the sanity of my fellow band members, I should probably try and come up with a foolproof solution.

Honestly, this post doesn't really have much of a purpose unless someone out there has a miracle solution for me. I'm really just searching for some sympathy from the world wide web. If someone could send me a virtual pat on the back it would be greatly appreciated. Not to assist with the cough, just as a way of saying "I feel your pain, girl."