The Soorleys



So, a few years after we started playing music together as "The Soorleys", we found out that Beth and Chris had their first baby on the way and her name is River. She's our tour baby and she's probably the cutest thing we've ever seen.

She's really very clever. She has an extensive vocabulary which she uses to its full extent. "More" and "Ta" are the most frequently used. But the names that she has for us (two in particular) are the best. While it didn't take her long to learn "Mama", "Dada", "Mimi" and "Lala", Nick, Shell and Sam have been a bit harder to master. She hasn't quite come up with her own way of saying "Nick" but she's made a collective pronoun for Sam and Shell which is truly glorious.


Yes, Shat. No one knows where it came from but this is the name that seems to have stuck and neither of them can escape it. It certainly brings me great joy but it's been a bit of a battle for Sam and Shell to re-teach River these new names when she's already created a name for both of them that is far superior. While it's probably a little inappropriate to refer to your aunt and uncle as excrement, we figured she could come up with a few nicknames for Nick that are worse.